Can't pass verification Chrome browser

In the Chrome browser Version 115.0.5790.110 (Official Build) (64-bit) some clients can’t complete the verification, they get stuck and take forever. If you enable another browser, such as Firefox, on the same device, the check is completed and the site becomes available to the user. It also shows up on Android mobile devices. Please help to solve this bug. ?

I’m on this exact Chrome version but I’ve no problem passing verification on any Cloudflare-protected website. Perhaps this is due to some security/privacy extension or some other software installed by the affected users? Can you provide a site where this is occurring so I can test it?


We found out what the problem is, if you put the Ukrainian language first in the settings of chrome://settings/languages, then you will not pass the check from tsludflare on any site.
The question arises, where did this bug directed against Ukrainians come from? Who should I write to so that it can be fixed immediately???


I did exactly that, and I can pass the check.

Please see my screen recording below.

This is probably because the bug has already been fixed.

Thank you, everything works!

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