Can't pass cloudflare tests

Recently, I was blocked from passing cloudflare tests on all websites containing it, this caused me to lose access to many services I want back.

how can I fix this problem? honeypot says I’m clean but I still have the problem.

I assume you’re talking about the hCaptcha. Can you take a screenshot of the page you’re seeing.

Can you also open developer tools (F12) and see if there’s any errors in console?

hcaptcha aswell as the “checking your browser” screen. What happens is that every time it redirects me back to the same page, making me unable to get through.

Could you check for errors in console (F12 and the “Console” tab)?

Also, are you running through a VPN or proxy?

no errors or vpn, actually, using a chrome vpn extension lets me through

nevermind, I found some errors:

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