Can't park my domain

Good day, I want to park my domain on, but it doesn’t work (more than a day has passed since the record was changed). According to instructions
It must register an A-record in the domain settings. I already did this, registered an A-record of the domain and a record of marquiz.

That is a question for your host. The domain is correctly configured and points to that server. The 403 comes from that service.

Also, that server is not configured for SSL, so you won’t have a secure site.

I suspect you have done something wrong. You have an A record that looks odd:

% dig +short

How is the domain involved?

If you intended to point your domain away from that 167 address to the 46 one, you will have to replace the 167 address, not add another record.

Also, that other address does not have a valid SSL configuration either, so the site will still be insecure.

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