Can't order Dedicated SSL certificate

Can’t install Dedicated SSL certificate. I purchased a dedicated SSL certificate but I can’t seem to install it on my website. It throws an error ordering SSL certificate failed.

Open up a Support Ticket. I’m sure they’d like to know about this and can get it fixed.

I’ve used one in the past, and I don’t think there’s really an installation process. You just order, then enable it, and it should work. Anyhow, Support should be able to get it working for you on the Cloudflare end.

There are two connections to secure. The connection between Cloudflare’s edge and the visitor, and the connection between your origin servers and Cloudflare. Which kind of :cert: are you asking about?

I’m having the same problem since yesterday and when I try to open a ticket the page is dead.

How did you get it resolved @sarang.sss29?


Hi Nicolas,
I opened up a ticket, but the suport site seems to be gone. You can directly email them at [email protected]
As for me, I had Cloudflare installed with my hosting service. I had to sign up to Cloudflare directly with their Nameservers.
Then the SSL certificate installed correctly.

Hi @sarang.sss29,

Same here, I have Cloudflare installed through Siteground. I’m sure how to switch to their DNS though… :frowning_face:

I just dropped them an email! Thanks for the info!