Can't open web

Hello, I have problem getting started with dns

  1. I can’t open web 1.1.1. Browser says ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED
  2. When setting as DNS server in windows, I can’t load any web pages and it like im not
    connected to internet
  3. When trying to ping in CMD average ping is 1

Where is the problem?

Sorry, some pages don’t open when using DNS

Is there any VPN or Proxy or Antivirus software on your computer?

No vpn.
no proxy
Antivirus Im using the windows 10 one, Eset and Malwerbytes, when using vpn I cant open web, or on different network

Here is a support mail i get from Support. I have the same problem. My is Kaspersky Internet Security cause problem.
I have to uninstall Kaspersky Internet Security and it work, but i cannot use Warp without Anti Virus so i choose to uninstall Warp instead of KIS.

ok, but I even can’t open web an all my devices in this network