Can't open tech support tickets as paid workers user

I understand that free users cannot get technical support via tickets, so I upgraded to the workers paid plan. It still says I’m “on the free plan”, but I have no way to upgrade to anything else since I don’t have any sites or domains. (I just use endpoints.) Billing support says it’s not a billing issue, so I’m here now…

Yeah - there’s a bit of a gap where stuff like Workers/Images/Stream paid plans don’t actually give you a support entitlement.

That said - what’s the issue that you’re encountering? If it isn’t something the community can help with, we can get your ticket opened (albeit likely auto-closed) re-opened & escalated.


Thanks for your reply. My ticket was only for this issue (can’t open tickets as a paid workers user). I’ll start a thread for my actual issue before escalating it to a ticket.

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