Can't open my site without WWW

So I just changed my nameservers to those of Cloudflare but I have a problem that I can’t access my site without typing www in front of it ( I tried to create an A name pointing to the website IP address but I can’t (code: 9005) and as I understood it’s because the IP is Cloudflare’s. So I was hoping that someone can solve me solve this problem. my host provider is

You have DNS records for both records, however neither shows your website. Both return a 522 -> Community Tip - Fixing Error 522: Connection timed out

but when I open the site without www I don’t even get 522 error, I mean I got this related links page what’s the reason for this?

Possibly a propagation issue and you are still connecting to a previous IP address.

But it’s been a week with the same problem so I don’t think it’s a propagation issue.
when I try pinging it try to connect to while www. it connect

All right, whats the output of


1 2 3

It is a propagation issue. Your system resolver still returns the old (?) IP address.

yes :"

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