Cant open any page with cloudflare NS


I cant open webpages with cloudflare NS , it show: One more step Please complete the security check to access…


Did you enable Under Attack mode or change any settings in the Firewall section?

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I have seen that, the problem is with my public office ip, bcs with another ip its OK. I thing that my office public ip is blacklisted.

Could be, unfortunately there is nothing to be done for solving that apart from whitelisting it for your domain (and only your domain) or lowering the whole site’s security level. Simply make sure no bad things are going on from that IP and it will clear.

Thank you Matteo, but I want to check it , if is blacklisted or not? is any link to lookup my ip, if it is on blacklist of cloudflare.

Not as far as I know. It would also become a little counter-productive, since as a malicious user I could simply check and rotate IP as soon as it gets blacklisted…

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