Can't move domain to cloudflare registrar

Hello I would like to move my jimdo domain to Cloudflare, unfortunately this awesome service doesn’t “allow” a change of nameservers. Thus my domain can be added to Cloudflare but never will be able to be proxied through Cloudflare. I wanted to move my domain registration to Cloudflare, because jimdo was able to give me the authcode. However when I try to move it to the registrar it says that it is not possible due to being inactive.

Please let me know how to solve this.

Can you share the domain name?

Yes the domain name is:

Thank you. Yes, the domain has to be active on Cloudflare to change the registrar.

In looking a jimdo and your domain, $ whois, it seems the domain registrar is Your name servers are set to jimdo name servers. I don’t know if the two entities are interrelated or not.

It seems the question for jimdo is if you sign up for Cloudflare, change your name servers at your current registrar, and then move your domain registration to Cloudflare Registrar, how does is affect the hosting jimdo provides for you?

Thanks for further looking into it cloonan, however as I’m aware my client doesn’t mind what happens to the hosting at jimdo (as it will be removed after moving the domain). I also contacted jimdo and they miraculously are not able to change the nameservers. I will ask again if they can point me in the right direction towards this registrar, they should be able to help me change the nameservers right?

Yes, the registrar holds the key to the name servers and it looks like either directly or via jimdo, the name servers have been set to point to jimdo. It’s worth contacting the registrar to understand their change process.

Wow, this support is definitely helpful in anyway. According to the registrar they should be the one who can change this type of settings in the domain. However they just avoid accepting this fact. Thus they are forcing me to move my domain to some other registrar first, change the nameservers there and then move it to Cloudflare’s registrar.

Wouldn’t it be possible to make some kind of exception?

Oh my, @LSVH, yes that is a real pain. Unfortunately, there is not a manual workaround that we could use to side-step the requirement. Unfortunately, that also locks the domain to that registrar for 60 days before you can move it again. That is a pain.

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