Can't manage domain, can't point to proper name servers

Transfered domain from another registar. While the transfer was pending, an API call allowed the deletion of the website on cloudflare site, yet the transfer continued to be pending. When the website was recreated, name servers assigned were different. When transfer finished, can’t edit the name servers on cloudflare registar nor I can do anything.

Original (current name servers):

$ whois | grep "Name Server"
Name Server:
Name Server:

Name servers needed:

I opened a ticket almost a week ago:

I would appreciate any help, can’t do anything at the moment, website is completely down.

Hello @paramburu_cf,

I’m sorry to read that you’re facing issues with the name servers after transferring your domain to Cloudflare Registrar. Since Cloudflare Registrar does not allow users to directly change name servers, rest assured the Cloudflare Support will resolve this issue via the ticket id #3183621.

Since you’ve already opened a support ticket, I recommend updating it with any new information you may have, and keep an eye on your email for any updates from our team.

Sorry for the inconvenience here. Thank you for using Cloudflare.

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Thanks Luis for your time. How long does it usually take for a reply on an open ticket?

The domain transfer was paid for, the ticket has a very clear request yet I received a fairly standard reply with some action items which I fulfilled accordingly. I am asking for at least a mitigation which shouldn’t be more than a config change.

The thing is that somehow the reply came from a “Cloudflare Billing Support” agent even when I asked for registrar support. I need someone who can access the domain record and modify the name servers for me and given that the last response was 5 days ago, I worry the website will continue to be down for a long time.

Even if I disregard the amount paid for the domain transfer already, I can’t initiate another transfer since I have no access to manage the domain, to unlock or get the auth code. My domain is completely locked and can’t do anything but sit still and wait, at this time, indefinitely.

Hey there, look like my colleague Gloria have helped with the issue and the ticket is now solved.

Will close this thread then!

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