Can't make wget to retrieve my website from the server itself

Hello community,

In order to make cron work with my WordPress multisite installation I have to run wget calling each website’s cron page from the server itself at regular intervals like this:

$ wget

It doesn’t seem to work though, because I get an error from wget saying that my self-signed certificate can’t be verified.

I’m using Authenticated Origin Pulls with a self signed certificate, but it seems that somehow wget is getting the contents directly from my server instead of through Cloudflare, is there a way to make wget to retrieve the requested page from Cloudflare?

Did you change your host hosts file?

Why don’t you add a crontab to your server and execute the cron.php from there?

A line in the hosts was the culprit. Thanks so much.

The reason it needs to be done with wget or curl is that it’s a multisite installation, calling cron.php from the command line runs the script just for the main site.

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