Can't make domain forwarding work with page rules

I’m trying to forward my old domain to my new one using CloudFlare.

I’m trying to use this tutorial:

My DNS settings look like this (I’ve made the @ and the www pointing to a dummy IP like the tutorial said)
(I’m only allowed to post one image… I’ll try putting this in the comments instead…)

And my page-rule settings look like this:

What am I doing wrong?

Just to be clear, the outcome I’m wishing for is the following.

both www. and non-www versions, http: and https: versions
go to https:// autolingual . com

and myloveofmornings . com/123
goes to autolingual . com/123

I can’t figure out why it isn’t working…

here’s the DNS settings

Seems to redirect just fine


Probably a DNS propagation issue on your end, just wait couple of hours.

Can you try an individual page as well just to be sure?

Yes, works there too.

Ah, thank you!
I’m just going to wait and see how it looks tomorrow…
I’d been looking for a solution for 301 redirecting correctly with only one hosting account (and one .htacces file), and it seems that cloudflare is a good way of making that work!

I can see that the community board also automatically changed the url, which probably means that the url has propagated with the cloudflare servers as well…

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