Can't make a secure connection over SSL

I have created a cloudflare account and changed the nameservers.

I got the confirmation from cloudflare that my site is now secured.

I set the SSL/TLS encryption mode to Full (strict).

Then I install the Cloudflare Flexible SSL plugin and activated it.

When I tried to access my site over, it hits me back with an error message saying Secure Connection Failed.

Any clue? Thanks!

It shows a 525 error, which means your site doesn’t have a valid SSL certificate on it. Sites should be up and running with HTTPS before they are added to Cloudflare.

Hi, @sdayman thanks for your message.

I was wondering is it possible to get free SSL certificate to my WordPress website?

Hi, @sdayman my website is throwing an error 525 now.

I can see the SSL certificate and the site is secured now.

Any idea how to fix the error 525?

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