Cant login to Teams account in WARP app on iPhone

I cant login to Teams in WARP app on my new Iphone. After login it shows message like “Something went wrong”. In device logs i have an error:

210928 05:12:31.454 [INFO][1269.UserDefaults.wrappedValue] Saved app_shared_api_policy: nil
210928 05:12:31.455 [INFO][1269.UserDefaults.wrappedValue] Saved app_shared_dns_settings: DNSSettings(dnsMode: dow, familiesBlockType: none, gatewayUniqueID: nil)
210928 05:12:31.456 [INFO][1269.TeamsConfigLoader.loadConfiguration] The Teams config is missing. No configuration will be loaded.
210928 05:12:31.468 [ERROR][1269.TermsOfServiceViewModel.performTeamsAuthentication] _1dot1dot1dot1.WarpApi.WarpApiError.resultInvalid (code 3)
210928 05:12:35.509 [INFO][1269.AppDelegate.applicationWillResignActive]
210928 05:12:39.614 [INFO][1269.AppDelegate.applicationDidBecomeActive]

In Teams dashboard’s logs login shows as successful.

Which model are you using for this test? Seems like this is an issue with the ToS of the phone but we can’t be sure until we can reproduce this on our end.

It’s new iPhone 13 Pro. I restored it from old device via wifi and tried to relogin to Teams.

Also I tried to delete Teams app completely and reinstall it and vpn profile from scratch.

I was running into the exact same issue (same error message) across platforms (iPhone and Windows) and it suddenly got resolved today. I noticed that before today I was already logged into Cloudflare Access (i.e. the authentication flow through the Warp clients completed immediately, although resulting in the aforementioned error), whereas today I had to manually login (as if my previous session had expired), after which everything worked as expected (both on iOS and Windows). Perhaps manually logging out (https://<yourdomain> might resolve this issue for you as well?

@tobi, perhaps you might want to create a ticket for this, as this seems to be a bug?

I confirm, it resolved today. But i didn’t to anything, just tried to login again and it works. I hope this report helped to resolve problem.

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