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I have been overbilled on one domain and today tried submitting a support ticket but can’t login to the support area.


I downgraded a domain to the free plan last week but today was billed for it. So I checked the plan of the domain again and noticed it is still set to pro. So I tried downgrading it again but it ignored my request even though it said my request was successful.

So I filled out a ticket request and submitted it but as it submitted I got a login request. I logged in again but can’t access the support area.

So not sure if the ticket was lodged and besides, I need to resolve the overbilling issue.



Hi @ccdwells,

Have you been charged since you cancelled? It is normally the case that you still have access to the plan until the end of the period you have already paid for.

CC @Laurie

Yes, I was charged today for 3 plans, one of which I cancelled last week. So I have 2 pro plans and should have been charged for those 2, not 3.

Note that even when I try and downgrade the plan it says downgrade was successful but actually it wasn’t downgraded.

OK, I have copied one of the billing team on this thread, but they may not be on here until after the weekend.

What is the issue you are having logging into to check the status of your ticket?

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The paid plan for a domain/website is active until the end of a period. At least mine was shwon that like.


…but downgrades are not processed until the end of the billing period. When downgrading, you are allowed to continue using the higher plans’ products until the new billing period begins.

Maybe writing to e-mail support[at]cloudflare[dot]com would help in that case?


However, this shouldn’t be a thing!

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It throws an error in the url before forwarding me back to the login page.

That’s odd, so you are logged into the dashboard, then try to log into support and it just sends you back to the dash? What is the error you get.

As for the ticket, you should have got a ticket number when you opened it, can you post that here?

HI @ccdwells, looks like your support ticket was received and replied to a couple of days ago and we are now awaiting your response.

If you are still having trouble with login, can you also provide us with a HAR file demonstrating the login issue? If you try with a different browser, do you see the same error?

You can reply back to the support ticket via the email you received.


Hi @ccdwells,

I have reviewed your ticket and account and left internal notes for our billing team to further assist you regarding this domain.


I’m having this same issue where I try to log in to the support side to view my ticket updates but it just redirects me.

I’ve tried multiple browsers and clearing cookies/cache but the same thing is happening. I think my situation is a little unique as I changed my email address recently and was able to find this in the network requests.

Redacted the email address but it was my old one.

I’d hate to have to open a ticket where I can’t see the responses for this :slight_smile:. Would someone from the CF team be able to help me resolves this so I can get a peek at my other issues?


Hi @seanboult,

I have seen similar reports here before of users having issues with SSO after changing their account email, so this could well be the issue. You should be able to email [email protected] from your account email address.

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There was a synchronization issue in our back end that lead to the presence of two different accounts.

This is now fixed, both accounts were merged to one e-mail address.

You should now be able to log into your support page.

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