Can't login to page

I can’t login to my page. If I try to login to my page , I will see that cloudflare sessions expired

Please, help me to refresh my page.

That’s weird. What created that login session? It’s definitely not something official from Cloudflare, because they don’t write it as CloudFlare (capital F in the middle). At least not any more.

What should I do about this issue Sir

Hi - I visit at least 3 different websites several times a day as a user. I browse using Chrome. I am also facing this weird issue. I get exactly the same mesg on all 3 websites when I go to the login panel and put in my login details and hit login button. This is happening from 11-May-2021 (approx 6:45 AM India time).

Addon to my above reply - I did the usual things from my end as a user - clearing browser history, DNSflush, logging in from a different machine, using a different ISP, checking across Windows10 laptop and Android phone etc but no change. I get this weird mesg on login panel and I am pushed back to home screen. I remember facing this issue several months back but it got back to normal the next day without any action from my side. But this time it been ongoing for last 2 days and now into 3rd day. Kindly check and assist.

Is that your website?

No. The above website is one of the 3 websites I visit regularly as a visitor/user.

You’ll have to contact the site owner and have them troubleshoot the issue.

As mentioned in my earlier post, this is not specific to this particular website but it is happening across 3 different websites. I have sent a message to these 3 website admins about this issue daily for last 2 days. There is no response or change in system behavior. So I am reaching out for help.

Anything you can do to resolve this issue is very much appreciated.

It’s one of three things, none of which we can assist with:

  1. A problem on your local computer (browser/network/etc)
  2. A problem on the site itself
  3. A problem with the site owner’s Cloudflare settings

Unfortunately, without the site owner’s cooperation, there’s nothing we can do.

From all the chasing I am doing for last 2 days, my gut feel says it is point 3 in your response. But, I am just a user, so what more can I do. Ahh…let me try praying…real hard…:slight_smile: Thank you.

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Aha…my prayers seem to be working… :grinning: These websites are now working normally and I can login as before (though I have no idea why they were not accessible for last 8 days). Thanks.

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