Can't login to our salesforce hosted application in Edge but can in chrome or firefox


Configured IP4 and IP6 in windows 10. Tried to login to our salesforce hosted application in Edge browser and it does not accept the login and puts up message to contact our administrator. Odd thing is we can login to the same salesforce application with Chrome or Firefox after was configured. For battery conservation Edge is preferred as the application is run all during the work day.



Can you confirm this is related to by switching back to your original DNS servers temporarily?


Yes it was working just before we turned it on.
I was going to test taking out DNS for IV4 and leaving 6 and vise versa to see if we could narrow it down. However this morning it started to work in Edge. Very odd.


The DNS settings change probably caused your browser to connect to a different server in the rotation at Salesforce and one happened to be having problems.