Cant login to my wordpress admin panel after activate cloudflare account


hi, after setting up cloudflare account now i am unable to login to my website using wp-admin. Noting happen after putting credentials


It could be a caching issue.

  1. What’s the domain?
  2. What’s your SSL setting in the Cloudflare Crypto settings page? (Off, Flexible, Full?)
  2. SSl setting is Full

I’m seeing a lot of references to that are failing. That subdomain doesn’t exist. If it does, you’ll have to manually add that to your Cloudflare DNS page. It should match the DNS entries at your web host.


I’m able to see Is the issue resolved or is the issue with accepting the users credentials? Also, if unintentional, you’ll want to turn off debugging for security reasons. It’s probably in your php.ini and set it too display_errors = Off


I didn’t get that far. Jetpack blocked my incognito browser.

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They must be making some headway.


i was able to login. Thanks.

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