Cant login to my account at all!

I DID ALL the “Searching” all the choices to even get a password reset and NOTHING I enter to do anything to login to support I get username or password incorrect,"
Have screen shots.
I’m being NOTIFIED when I go to my DOMAIN that DNS is not correct, but the NEXT time I try, a few minutes later, I See my Domain.
SO after 8 times trying to use KEEPASS Password Safe to Auto fill the boxes, I tried to copy and paste 3 TIMES with, get this, NO Spaces in front of back of Username or Password!
SO… I created a NEW account with NEW email and new Password and imput my DOMAIN and get “Domain Invalid” which I copied DIRECTLY off the Open Web Site of the domain. All copied and pasted, without any spaces in front of anything!
Just a novice guess but not being able to AUTO login like I’ve done at least 12 times before with the same exact copied and pasted, UN and PW, without any spaces in front, looks like the LOGIN page is being hacked?

I also wanted to “thank” Cloudflare for this service, as most of us under the poverty, who are trying to help others who can’t afford legal work done, get it done from me for FREE!

If you can’t log in, you can always email: support AT cloudflare DOT com
Send the request from the email address tied to your account. You should get a Ticket # in response. Post that # here to help hurry things along.

Wow… excellent fast reply, and I (we should have that support email in our pass word safes.) Huh? lol!

I get all excited when my 2 page 10MB web site goes up and than down and than up and than down again, during the day!

But I get way more excited when I logged in to a secure site, main cloudflare, 6 to 8 times and than, with noting changed in the Autologin can’t login, even with copy and past!

Again thank you very much for a good suggestion, that works!

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