Can't login to email

Hello to all,

For the domain I’ve got an problem. I can’t login to the email.

Above you can see our DNS settings on cloudflare.
How can I solve the problem so I can login to the mail to receive and send emails?


EDIT: Your “AAAA” record for ‘mail’ is proxied. Try toggling it to :grey: DNS Only also.

For some reason, the DNS record for ‘mail’ is proxied. If you look farther down that DNS page, does it show Alan and Deborah as the Cloudflare name servers?

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Thnx for your very - very!!! - quick reply, thnx!

I’ve edit the “AAAA” record. See the screenshots for the settings :).

Do you think everything is set up correctly now?


And Yes, here are Alan and Deborah the name servers.


I purged the the ‘mail’ hostname from the DNS page and it looks like it’s propagated:

I also checked mail connections, and it looks like the ‘mail’ server is responding properly.

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