Can't login to Dashboard from home network

This is the strangest thing – I’m unable to log in to the Dashboard using my home network on any device (PC, laptop, phone, tablet), but as soon as I connect to my cellular network, I can get to it no problem.

I think I’ve narrowed down the issue to the file

Every device in my home responds with a 500 error on that file. I’ve tried clearing cache, resetting browsers, rebooting, changing DNS, etc etc etc. Nothing seems to work.

The ODDEST thing is that I can log in on cellular then switch back to my home network and still access everything as if nothing was wrong.

Generally, 500 would mean that there’s an issue with your origin web server. Does this only happened on one device?

Hi there! Thanks for the reply.

This was across all devices on my home network. However as of today it seems like the issue has resolved itself.

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