Can't login to Cloudflare

When I try to login, I get the error message:
There was a database error while processing this request.

I tried creating a support ticket, but you have to login first.

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Getting the same! Need to clear the cache on a site I updated UGENTLY!!

Same here … the dashboard started acting up while I was updating a stream
Now I can’t login to the dashboard - message show “database error”

They are working on it:

Ditto. A clear case for why you should build some tools with their API!

No, becuase they want us all to work for Google Self Driving cars system teaching it to recognise signposts - has anyone else noticed how if you get ‘ROAD SIGNS’ you are stuck on it for ages, 20 mins sometimes ready to smash your computer up because they havn’t gleaned enough knowledge from us…


Would that work even if the Cloudflare APIs are Offline?

How would that help?

The API isn’t working either:
{"success":false,"errors":[{"code":0,"message":"Failed to get an object from container."}],"messages":[],"result":null}

I was able to toggle dev mode through the API. Purging cache is not working anywhere though.

Same error here.

Same here.

Please contact Cloudflare Support via email at support AT Cloudflare DOT com if you cannot login to create a ticket.