Cant login to account / Cant access email linked to account


I cant seem to login to my Cloudflare account to manage my domain. Cloudflare is also the registrar. I cant access the email that is linked to it. I have read all the FAQ’s etc but none are helpful. How do I go about this? I have created a ticket already and verified my identity. Any help would be appreciated, but I feel this is something that the community cant help with…

let us know by replying to your Community post with your ticket number 2186848 and at mention @MoreHelp to bring your post to our attention.

Hi @TargInd,

I’m afraid so. For issues with accessing your account, we have to refer you back to the ticket process. Make sure you reply back to the auto-response you received to re-open the ticket and you’ll have to wait for a response there. Sorry we can’t help with this.

Did it say exactly that in the response? Did you get this immediately after you opened the ticket? Could you post a screenshot?

What are you trying to ascertain? Are you saying it is possible for me to be helped by anyone other than staff? I’m confident that posting on these forums would be a waste of time for this account issue, seeing as I have already followed the process as per Login and account issues – Cloudflare Help Center which leads me to Moving domains between Cloudflare accounts – Cloudflare Help Center
which states:

Currently domains registered with Cloudflare Registrar cannot be transfered between Cloudflare accounts. We’re working to enable this capability.

I wanted to know where you got that quote from and when you received it. Again, can you post a screenshot?

Can I ask, who are you, to request this information?

Pretty sure my question is unanswerable (via the community support that is)?


He is one of the MVPs on the Community. None of the MVPs want to see users directed to the Community if the Community cannot help. Seeing the wording of your message will help him raise this with CF to try and get issues like yours identified and resolved in the correct place.


I’ll go ahead and close this topic, I see Support is interacting on 2186848.