Can't login for domain

Hi. I can’t login my account. I used there only domain. but They blocked me and confused. so I couldn’t pay domain and can’t use any other service. I really want change domain name server. but it also need login. for access prove domain ownership, they ask me my personal id. but they didn’t asked make domain first time. just needed email, phone. so they can’t match this domain owner is me. finally they demand my personal id, but no proved and now they demand me billing address, citizen,…

Hi @thybeautiesmanager,

I’m afraid we cannot help with accessing your GoDaddy account. If that is where your domain is registered, you will need to take it up with them.

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Yes. I understand. but they don’t have common sans for login password. rather they abused me.
I just find password, they only need check the domain owner is me. so I can solve many ways.
or hosting company also can assist me. but no. they just argue their way. finally I sent my personal id.
Nevertheless they can’t prove. rather more needed another my privacy. finally now my domain page showed my privacy text… only. very confused…

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