Can't log into valorant [VAN 68] [Cloudflare "re-routed"]

Recently I have been getting cloudflare captchas on every RIOT GAMES website i try to visit (which use cloudflare services) . I cannot login to the game all it shows is that it has encountered a connection error. I checked the cloudflare status page, there it shows “re-routed” beside my city. So is it related? My ip reputation is fine on Project Honeypot. So what’s causing the issue? The re-routing issue or something related to my ip? If rerouting is the issue then how long does it take for it to finish? It has been over 3 days and it still shows re-routed.
Valorant shows the error VAN 68

Some Enterprise customers don’t have much in the way of Cloudflare headers in their sites, but I can’t find any at playvalorant or riotgames.

Valorant shows the error VAN 68

That doesn’t look like a Cloudflare error.

It shouldn’t be. Not for a Cloudflare hCAPTCHA.

What’s the URL of a site you’re trying to log into?

And i cannot play the game either, it just wont connect to the game servers without a vpn. And what about the “re-routed” thing? Right after it showed up on the cloudflare status page my game stopped working and i started getting captchas on all riot websites.

Interesting…their Support subdomain uses Cloudflare, but their main site does not. Not a surprise, as it turns out, because their Support is on Zendesk.

As for the rerouting, that’s transparent to the user, other than a slightly slower connection.

But to the core issue, an internet search shows many tutorials on how to deal with a VAN 68 error.

Can you explain the re-routing thing again? And none of the tutorials actually worked in my case

Any solution?