Can't Log In Via Apple Log In

Title says it all, I get is Something didn’t work when we tried that. Please try again.

I log in via Apple, and have my email obfuscated, but as far as I’m aware, I’ve not changed anything. I have no way currently of getting into my account, it looks similar as Sign in with Apple Error.

Can someone please help? (I created another account to post here, so this account/email isn’t linked to the one I’m having problems with).

If anyone from Cloudflare sees this, the ticket I raised is ID 3112914 and contains what I believe the account ID to be.

I have escalated this topic to the Support team.

Thank you!

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I can’t login either via “Sign in with Apple”… I am so disappointed that I might lose access to my account. I created a new account to make a ticket and post here. Ticket number 3113333.

Incident has been declared. Can follow along here: Cloudflare Status - Cloudflare Dashboard Logins with Apple ID

@ashley.peacock Can you please try to login now a fix has been deployed. Cloudflare Status - Cloudflare Dashboard Logins with Apple ID

Thanks all, I’m back in! One niggle from me: in these cases, it’s impossible to get support because to submit anything to support… you have to log in. I was able to raise on Discord, but I think it took a while for others to report it and then it got jumped on. Just something I thought was worth mentioning, that there isn’t really good support lines for “I can’t get into my account”.

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