Can't Log-in to Dashboard

I can’t log-in to my account! When I try to log-in, all the browsers(Chrome, Edge, Firefox) keep to tell me “Please refresh the page”. How to fix it? Can someone help?

Edit: If coming from search engines, email [email protected] from the email on your account with the exact error message you’re getting.

Try disabling any privacy extensions and making sure cookies are enabled. Also, can you tell us your chrome version (found by going to chrome://help/version)?

Also, go to and post here what it shows in step 4.

Version: 69.0.3497.100

4.Received response from our backend:
“success”: true,
“hostname”: “”,
“challenge_ts”: “2018-10-14T13:26:58Z”,
“apk_package_name”: null,
“score”: 0.9,
“action”: “homepage”,

Not interested in the Firefox version? :wink:

Additionally, I’d try to clear browsing data and restart the browser. Does that fix it?

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