Can't log in my wordpress dashboard getting a Error 527 something with railgun

My host has been trying to fix my site for 2 hours removed all plugins and other stuff they told me that it’s an issue with Cloudflare the site is online but when I try to log in my dashboard I get Error 527 my site is my host is namecheap any ideas what i can do to fix this issue ?

The site appears to be loading currently. A 527 error is typically a problem with railgun and that’s likely being run by your hosting partner unless you have a plan which allows you to install and configure your own.

I just turned it off and it works fine now :smiley: thanks

Cloudflare really needs either phone or chat support around the clock.
My site is having a 527 Railgun error and I’ve had to turn off Railgun and restart the server during peek traffic time.
How can I contact someone at Cloudflare to advise me what is going on and how to fix it?
There really needs to be some form of dedicated support as some businesses like mine need to be operational 24/7, hence require immediate support.

FYI I’ve turned off the Railgun feature till fixed.

Site is:

First time I’ve ever had this issue and haven’t changed anything on the site or server that would cause it to happen.

Check the other thread you posted the same thing on. As for level of support, it’s spelled out in the Plan details:

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