Can't locate assigned nameservers

I have a Cloudflare account for my website and have for years. I changed hosting companies and now need to redirect the nameservers to Cloudflare. I tried following the instructions and it says my assigned nameservers should show up under overview in my website account. I don’t see them anywhere. What am I doing wrong? My hosting company suggested I remove the website and add it back again, but I don’t see an option for that either. Any suggestions on what to do or where I specifically have to look to find my Cloudflare nameservers?

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Do you see the nameservers at the bottom of this page,

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If the domain is already using cloudflare, you just need to edit the DNS record to point to the location of the new hosting provider. Typically this is the value (content) of the DNS A (for Address) record named @ or the same name as your domain name.

That is not necessary and will probably just cost you time & effort

I see one active and one purged zone (domain) in your account. It is on a partial partner plan*, go to the and click the Help option in the lower right of the Partial Zone Suffix card.

That window will give you the details of a CNAME record you should add to your DNS records.

*With partial setups, the nameserver change is not needed as your DNS zone file is hosted by a Cloudflare partner. You add and manage your DNS records at their website.

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