Can't load robots.txt says it cant load robots.txt. My hoster points to Cloudflare as possibly blocking the robots.txt
When I load it myself it works just fine.

Any heads up?

Possibly your security level and it possibly requires some whitelisting of IP addresses.

Whats your domain and post a screenshot of the error.

Thank you for your response.

The URL in question: http:// bit. ly/2Qq0DkD

(used for privacy purposes)

Please enter my url in to see what I mean,

I guess you referring to

Could not read .....

You should check your Cloudflare firewall events for that request and why it was presumably blocked.

Last firewall events are from 5 days ago, so they don’t show up there…

In that case there is a good chance it is not blocked by Cloudflare but possibly directly by your server. Thats something you’d need to check yourself though. Alternatively you can contact the owner of that website and ask what the exact reason is they cant load the file.

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thank you.

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