Can't link (Google Doman + Cloudflare + Firebase)

I’ve been trying many times to connect my domain
with my web app on firebase through Cloudflare.
google domains said everything on their side is good to go.
firebase support never respond.
Cloudflare said they can’t support free questions and guide me to here.

i made my search in google and youtube, but it’s hard to find any content related to my situation.
i’m seeking help to get my domain finally working.
because it will be my professional website to represent all my projects, portfolio, resume, and services.

Do you know what’s not working?

  • Can you start the domain setup on Cloudflare?
  • Can you change the name servers?
  • Does Firebase let you add the DNS records?

Yes firebase does let me added them
I followd a youtube video and added cloudflare nameservers to google domains. Then add both of google domains and firebase to cloudflare
And then i waited for four days.

Then I’d recommend contacting Cloudflare support as they have a little more insight on why your domain isn’t activated yet.

They said too much contact, they recommended me to community help

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