Can't Install Warp on Windows 10


For some reason the installer fails and pressing retry does nothing (see picture attached). I have the latest windows updates and my account is an admin account.



This issue generally occurs in one of the following scenarios:

The SYSTEM group does not have Full Control privileges.
The Everyone group does not have Full Control privileges.
You may try giving full permission to the setup file folder of the program. Thereafter, try to install the application.

As stated in your question, go to the location: C:\Programdata\microsoft\windows\startmenu\programs
Right click on the folder of and click on Properties.
Go to Security tab and click on Edit.
Click on Add.
Type Everyone in the space provided for entering names.
Click on Check Names and click OK.
Check mark the option Full Control in the list of permissions for Everyone.
Click on Apply and then click Continue on each pop-up you receive afterwards.
Click OK.
Having done with the above steps, try installing the program and check if the issue persists.


That worked, thank you!

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Maybe you need to run it as Administrator user?

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