Can't install SSL Cert on WPEngine due to DNS still not propogating

My site is hosted with WP Engine and we cannot install our WP Engine SSL Cert due to the DNS records not propagating fully. I’ve had their tech team check the DNS records, and they say all are set up correctly. This is the screenshot they sent me of the dns propagation issue.

I cannot understand where the issue lies. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Any suggestions?

What’s the domain name?

The domain is

That domain has DNSSEC enabled at the registrar for your old name servers. You need to disable that where your domain is registered (Network Solutions?).

Okay, thank you so much for your response! Should that be enabled through cloudfare?

I’d wait a while. At least 48 hours after you get the current setup working without DNSSEC.

When that time comes, Cloudflare will provide the new DNSSEC info when you Enable it here. Then add that info to your domain registrar’s DNSSEC. But, again, give this issue a few days to clear up first.

Thank you so much!

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