Cant install lifetime ssl bought from hostinger because it says there is still account here

I had for free ssl now i deleted the account since i have bought cloudflare lifetime ssl from hostinger. But im not able to install the ssl because it says i still have account here.

Whatever certificate you purchased, you will still need to keep on your server and it cannot be configured on Cloudflare itself (unless you have at least a Business plan). The certificate Cloudflare will issue for your domain will be in addition to your certificate and applies to Cloudflare’s edge servers.

All of this is, of course, assuming you are proxying. If you are not, the Cloudflare certificate wont be part of the connection at all and it will all come down to your existing certificate.

I just want all the data on on your server to be deleted. Even after deleting cloudflare account the data is not completely gone. So, please completely erace data on on cloudflare website.

I am not sure how that request is related to what you wrote originally. If you want to remove your account from Cloudflare, all you need to do is change your nameservers away from Cloudflare. Additionally you can also remove the domain itself from Cloudflare under Advanced in your Overview screen. But the important bit is changing the nameservers.


Yeah I did but it shows like this

Your’s DNS is hosted by CloudFlare. If you’d like to switch to Hostinger, you must first deactivate and then delete “” within CloudFlare These options are available in the Settings menu.

Which i already did. I deactivated and deleted the account.

Where did you get that message? Your nameservers point to your host at the moment. If your host happens to be a Cloudflare partner and runs some checks against Cloudflare you will need to remove the domain as mentioned in the message.

If you did all of that, I would suggest you simply wait until they clear whatever they might have cached, respectively contact your host if it still does not work.

They say to delete the cloudflare account so that they can install the ssl certificate. I guess cloudflare is not allowing it. I dont know what to do.

Do you still have the domain listed in your Cloudflare account?

But I generally already suggested what to do in my previous response.

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No the domain is not listed in cloudflare account. But I was not able to generate ssl in any free ssl sites after deleting it here.

Just contact your host. Your domain does not point to Cloudflare anymore, so there shouldnt be any connection any longer. They need to clarify what issue they have.


@karantwister007 did you get this solved? :slight_smile:

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