Can't Include Java Script into my Page because I get blocked

ervery time i try to include a java script-Code into my page (wordpress) and hit save, I get blocked from Cloudflare.

I tryed to whitelist my IP-Adress via an Firewall-Roul, but I still get blocked and can’t integrate the code.

The strange thing: I always had the code integrated in the page and Cloudflare never grumbled. Now I had to delete the code briefly because of a customization, and now I wanted to integrate it again and get the error message since then. It doesn’t matter whether I try to integrate the code in the footer, as a widget or via Adrotate as a display. Cloudflare always interferes when saving. Do you have any idea how I can get ahead?

I got an ID and my IP address displayed with the error message, which I’m happy to share with you here:
Cloudflare Ray ID: 76b702cb6db69bee • Your IP:

Thank you

Best to try IP Access Rules instead:

Try looking either up in your Firewall Events log:

Thanks, but unfortunately that hasn’t helped yet. Even if I create a rule for my IP address or even my whole country that these users should not be blocked, I still get blocked immediately as soon as I just want to submit something with .

Cloudflare analytics says that this filter is always applied to my IP address:
XSS, HTML Injection - Script Tag

How can I disable or weaken this in the short term or at least allow my own IP address there?

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