Can't identify the source of a redirect

When I visit the root of my website, I am automatically redirected to a subfolder.

The index.php file in the root had this:

header(“Location: /folder/”);

Removing this redirect from index.php, the root of the site still redirects to /folder/.
I have no directives for this in .htaccess. I have no redirect rules defined in Cloudflare, I have no redirect rules defined with my host, I have purged my Cloudflare cache.

Yet, if I use a cache buster, the redirect does not occur. So, adding something like ?x=123 as the querystring.

With this, the index.php page is displayed properly.

I’m at a loss where the redirect is coming from. Any suggestions?

Does the issue persist if Cloudflare is paused?

Thanks for responding. (It seems I did not receive a notification of your response, hence my slow follow up.)

That’s a good question. I should have thought of that myself.

The reason I’m looking into this is that I’m trying to set up Ezoic for my domain. Doing so requires Ezoic to make changes to the DNS setup. And, to my surprise, I no longer see an A record for my root domain or for the www subdomain. So, I’m now a bit confused as to how I can pause Cloudflare.

I do now have CNAME records for these, which are proxied. Should I turn off these?