Can't i block users who disables javascript by setting on cloudflare

for blocking bad guys using crawler for downloading my images

Whom do you want to block? What you can do is increase your security level or even switch on Under Attack mode, in which case every user will have to go through a JavaScript validation.

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no no the guy who made the program knows how to avoid Cloudflare js check
the program can avoid js check

i just want Cloudflare add firewall or page rules like
checking user’s js status and if he or she disabled it
just block them to see my page

In that case he must be executing JavaScript and there is no way to block that. You can only block his IP address or network range if you can pinpoint that.

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avoid like this

and i even can’t block his IP bcoz many ppl use that program (exe)

And have you tried Under Attack mode?

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And how did he manage to circumvent it?

i posted an image

like this way

That is unrelated and not a way to circumvent anything.

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ah really…? i just emailed the developer about this issue now
hmmm but the program can avoid js check idk how tho

Well, I am afraid at this point it is all just guessing.

If you force your visitor to complete the JavaScript challenge you will effectively lock out everyone and everything without JavaScript support. If that crawler still manages to get past it must execute JavaScript and - as I mentioned - that is difficult to impossible to block in this case.

You could only implement some server-side logic in this case which is specific to your case and that topic is way beyond this forum here :slight_smile:

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If it’s some sort of program, I’d expect it’s sending some sort of User Agent string (or blank). Or it’s randomly making up strings.

Have you looked into filtering by User Agent string?

hmmmm isn’t there any way to block crawler? :’(

Good point :+1: though I assume if someone is sophisticated enough to bypass Cloudflare they will send a common string. Maybe better “hope” than “assume” :wink:

Of course there are ways, but there is no way to say anything more concrete with the information you provided and that topic is also generally off-topic for here :wink:

But anyhow, can you post several excerpts from your log which are from that crawler?

i’m the guy who posted how to block crawler (not bots like search engine he or she made a crawler for downloading my images)
is this possible to avoid Cloudflare with that way?

source = cfscrape.CloudflareScraper()

html = source.get(targetURL).content

Without having gone thoroughly through the code it appears as if this package simply executes the JavaScript code of a Cloudflare challenge.

As I mentioned in my earlier response, if that is the case there is not much that can be done unless Cloudflare tweaks the way the JavaScript challenge is working or you implement some additional server-side validation.