Can't hit specific proxied port

I have a DNS A record. When it is proxied, I can hit mydomain:port1 but not mydomain:port2. I believe the issue is on the cloudflare side of things, as I can hit both my-ip:port1 and my-ip:port2, or if I turn off the proxy I can hit mydomain:port1 and mydomain:port2, but then I get SSL complaints.

I want to hit an API and need it to be with SSL


You need to install an SSL certificate on your origin to receive SSL requests.


hm. I don’t remember doing this when I set up the por1 server. I thought cloudflare provided the cert

Cloudflare provides a certificate for traffic from the client to the edge. You need a certificate for edge to your origin for all of the ports which are going to receive https traffic.


Alright. I don’t want to ask you to hold my hand through this, but I imagine a self signed cert should be fine? Do you know of a tutorial for this or somewhere I can read more? I guess I must have done this before… as I said, it works fine on one machine.

It is not, you need a proper and verifiable certificate.

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Really? I’m just trying to hit an API of a program run on one of my computers. I set it up before on a separate one, and I really don’t think I installed a cert there.

Just because you ran something insecurely in the past doesn’t mean that you should in the future. When you can use a Cloudflare Origin CA certificate just as easily as a self-signed one and have better security due to the certificate validation, it seems like an easy choice.

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It would probably be an easier choice if I wasn’t stupid, to be fair.
I have almost no idea what I’m doing.
But thanks for mentioning Cloudflare Origin CA cert.
I’ll try it. Maybe that’s even what I did before.

FWIW, we all start out knowing none of this stuff. Keep at it and some of it gets easier.

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