Can't have Signed Url Videos Working

I am building a Wordpress website with restricted paid content and I need to make my videos (uploaded to Cloudflare Stream) watchable only in the site - otherwise the URLs for the videos in CF can be used and shared freely.

In the video I’m testing with, I

  • Named the video;
  • Named the creator;
    - Marked the Needs Signed URLs, then put the domain, subdomain, their variations (without https:// as it doesn’t allow me), and the domain’s IP.
    After that, I copied the embed code in the Insert tab.

My WordPress site uses a Porto Theme and WPBakery, so I add a block of text, go into the Text (opposed to the Visual) tab, and paste the embed code there. When the Signed Url checkbox isn’t marked, the video works fine but as I said before it can be shared freely, however when it is checked, like now, the only thing that appears is “401 unauthorized” - even if I’m admin or an user with a subscription.

I have tried setting up the Cloudflare Stream plugin and inserted the correct email, API Key and API Account ID - the API key and ID most likely being correct because the Acc ID it was easily found within the official documentations, while the key it’s probably correct because when I tried putting tokens or a different API Key the plugin itself showed the message “Incorrect API Key” and in the end I stuck with the only one that didn’t say that (global Key). Either way, the Cloudflare Stream plugin didn’t change anything in the entirety of my Wordpress - at least that I found.

I don’t know what to do now to make my videos viewable only in my website. Also, I put the video embeds only in the pages of restricted content, so only paid users can see/access them (I want to avoid a paid user spreading the public URL when the signed URL checkbox isn’t signed).

I would appreciate any help!!! If you need any more information I can try and show it here. Thank you for reading!

Hi @contato24.
The official Stream WordPress plugin does not receive updates.

I forked this and extended it’s capabilities for my own use in 2021-2022. I actively use the latest release ( of this fork on a site with restricted paid content, much like yours, so I am invested in its ability to continue to function well.

Another collaborator has also been working on getting the Block element working again (heads up, the Block doesn’t work), but other commitments have slowed that down at bit. The shortcode method is what I use, and is detailed in the documentation:

Github - Cloudflare Stream for WordPress