Can't get zone details for "pending" zones; "Invalid zone identifier"

Ever since a day ago I’ve been unable to retrieve details on pending zones I create via the API.

Here’s the sequence of calls:

  1. POST { name: “???.tld”, account: { id: “???”, jump_start: false, type: “full” }}

Note: I’ve tried jump_start=true as well.

  1. GET ID from the response from the previous call) gives me a 403 with this as the response body:

    “success”: false,
    “errors”: [
    “code”: 9109,
    “message”: “Invalid zone identifier”
    “messages”: ,
    “result”: null

If I call GET, the zone appears in the results.

If I update my domain nameservers with my registrar and wait for Cloudflare to pick it up, I am eventually able to get my zone details–and at that point my zone is in an “active” state.

So it seems like I’m unable to retrieve zone details for “pending” zones, and I’m able to replicate this issue on two separate CF accounts.

Has anyone else run into this?

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I have the same issue when trying to deploy a Cloudflare zone with Terraform script. It used to work fine few weeks back.

I ended up having to set up an async/polling solution.

I hope CF either fixes this issue or updates their docs to reflect this change.

We’re experiecing the same issue. What’s changed?? Is it an error because we didn’t get any pre-warning that this change was coming.
It’s very frustrating because part of our API is includes setting all parts of the zone, but after zone creation, we can’t make any changes to SSL, caching etc.

Same problem here since a few days. Support is checking it now

This is a bug. The team is working on a fix. I don’t have an exact ETA, but likely will be fixed/released tomorrow. Worst case later this week

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Bug should be fixed. My code is working again

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