Cant get Web API passing product id to zaraz variable

Hi, wondering if anyone would be able to assist, we are looking to pass a product id into a zaraz variable using track (and previously set) unsuccessfully using 2 different approaches below:

zaraz.track('Product Viewed', { product_id: '123456', name: 'Actual Product Name', price: 100.00, currency: 'gbp', }); zaraz.track('product_id', '123456', {scope: 'page'}); zaraz.track('product_name', 'Actual Product Name', {scope: 'page'}); zaraz.track('product_price', '100.00', {scope: 'page'}); Neither are passing the variable for use in 3rd party scripts (pinterest) for this example - must be doing something wrong here, if I set the variable manually to 1234 it shows up in the pinterest debug tool, the zaraz debug console always comes back: {{ client.product_id }} is empty All assistance greatly appreciated

apologies the code examples merged together, this should read like this:

zaraz.track(‘Product Viewed’, { product_id: ‘123456’, name: ‘Actual Product Name’, price: 100.00, currency: ‘gbp’, }); zaraz.track(‘product_id’, ‘123456’, {scope: ‘page’});

zaraz.track(‘product_name’, ‘Actual Product Name’, {scope: ‘page’}); zaraz.track(‘product_price’, ‘100.00’, {scope: ‘page’});

@yoav_zaraz are you able to point me in the right direction on this issue at all?

Kind regards

You didn’t mention what tool you’re trying to pass the information to

Hi and thanks for replying to my question - I’m trying to pass a product id using zaraz from a product view page on our magento ecommerce site to the pinterest tag (or any other such like google remarketing, bing remarketing, tiktok) via a zaraz variable, however the variable is always returning back blank when using the set and track code methods shown above

Kind regards

I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you’re trying to do.

First, Zaraz Ecommerce is supported only on specific tools. You have to enable it in the tool “Settings” page.

Second, zaraz.track, zaraz.set and zaraz.ecommerce are not supposed to return anything. What do you expect them to return?