Can't Get Transform or Redirect Rules To Work

I’m trying both Transform rules (for a hidden redirect) and Redirect Rules (301 redirect) to get one page:

Here are my settings in Transform (they didn’t work):

and here are my settings in redirect rules

This didn’t work either. Not sure what I’m missing. I have it deployed, so it’s not that.

All feedback appreciated.

Go to and make sure the DNS records are proxied :orange: and you’re not bypassing cloudflare :grey:

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Thanks for the reply. It says my A record cannot be proxied due to “Reserved IP”. I’m on Shopify, so they have their own settings I guess with Cloudflare, hence why it has me set DNS only.

Does that mean I lose all the added benefits of cloudflare without the Proxy?

That’s right. With DNS Only, you get DNS resolution, but not the other security and performance benefits of Cloudflare, as they require a proxied domain.

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