Can't get the video duration from Live Streaming HLS url

When i am watching live stream with HLS url i am not able to get the video duration. I created live inputs and pushed the video. Then i got the HLS playback url and was not able to get video duration when i am using that url. Is there any way to get video duration?

Given it is a live stream, can you share the value you would expect for the duration given that is won’t be static? Alternatively, can you share how you plan to use this information (ie. are you thinking of displaying this so the user knows how much of a live event they have missed?)?

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In our application we are streaming sport events and we have a functionality that user can add some tags to the exact moment of the video, to achieve that we need to get current time from the video and later when livestream ends users can create highlights from their tags. The duration of our livestreams is about 45 minutes.