Can't get subdomain to work, does www. count as a subdomain?

I have everything working fine on my main site, but the subdomain is not working. I’m getting the error:


I have Cloudflare origin certificate installed, and my main site running full strict, and I noticed the origin certificate was automatically issued to the subdomain too, so I’m wondering if it will take CF 48 hours to issue a new universal ssl to the new subdomain, or if the subdomain is supposed to use the one that my main site already has?

I read somewhere that free plans can only have two domains in dns? And that www. alias is considered a subdomain already? I have an a record for my main domain, a cname record for my main domain www. alias, and an a record for www.theme. Should I try deleting the www. cname to make room for the subdomain?

If this is a case of running out of subdomains, can I keep the www.record (or change the a record to www.), then create a redirect in cpannel from naked domain to www. Then that would free up a space for the subdomain right…or am I way off?

Thoughts? Thank you :slight_smile: isn’t listed in your DNS table. Check the DNS tab here. There should be an A record (or a CNAME) for only theme (no need to add the rest of the domain).

Once that’s taken care of, you should be set. SSL can handle anything that matches *

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Ty. Now I’m getting the error:

DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN redirects to, which doesn’t exist. Even if it does, Cloudflare’s free and dedicated SSL won’t work on a sub-subdomain (with the www in front of the subdomain).

Is there a way you can stop it from redirecting to the www for your subdomain?

Ah…So it was my wordpress installation, because I selected www. in the softaculous wordpress installer. I just deleted the install, then switched it the http:// in the installer. Solved ty!

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