Can't get SSL to work for subdomain

I’ve read through all the topics I could find here, but still couldn’t get this to work.

My website, has its SSL certificate working fine, but the subdomain shows not secure. There is an A record for “shop”, and the SSL encryption is set to full. What else am I missing? Thanks!

Looks actually fine to me


Have you checked for “mixed content”?

Considering you have a perfectly valid certificate on your origin, you might want to change that to “Full strict” to make the connection properly secure.

Also, as far as mixed content is concerned, there does seem to be some. You seem to load some fonts from Google via HTTP. You’d need to fix that to HTTPS.

Thank you! I found some mixed content and removed it, and now it seems to be working fine. can’t believe it was such a simple fix after spending hours trying out various solutions. I didn’t touch the Google fonts, but I’ll check up on that too.

Good call on the Full Strict, I will do so.

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