Cant get site to run under CF

Cant get site to run under CF. I change name servers, add the A record to DNA, After activation SSL fails and lose access to website with Access Prohibited message. Had to revert back 2 times already. I have Paid Plan.

I reverted back, I want to make sure I do it right next time. Downtime suck.


Propagation can take hours. How long to do wait before switching back and forth?

In that case it is impossible to say what the issue was. The nameservers currently do not point to Cloudflare though, if that is what you meant.

Yes, I reverted back, I go into panic when website is unreachable. Any way to test from Cloudflare to the exchange without having to change Nameservers again?

There are some ways to do so, but it can be a bit tricky.

From what I can tell you used Cloudflare only as DNS provider anyhow and did not proxy. That should already restrict most issues. I’d change back to the assigned nameservers, enable proxying, and post back here on the forum. Otherwise it will be difficult to help you.

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