Can't get redirect to work


Hi there,
I’m after some suggestions for domain forwarding.
I have a subdomain,, and I use this for landing pages, so I have domain such as…

  • recruitment.domain[dot]com/landing-one
  • recruitment.domain[dot]com/folder/landing-two

I need landing.domain[dot]com to replicate the same as the above. So landing.domain[dot]com/landing-one would redirect to

I’ve set this up as the following in page rules, as per the documentation…

Also, I’ve made sure there are no A or CNAME records for this subdomain.

However, it just goes to domain[dot]com, rather than directing.


In order to act on a request Cloudflare has to proxy it. In this instance the domain specified in your screenshot landing. is not orange clouded so we are unable to apply a page rule to it.


So how do I set that up?

I have set up in cloud flare.


In the Cloudflare Administrative Console on the DNS tab for the domain you wish to apply a page rule to change the gray cloud to orange to the right of the DNS record. The DNS propagation should take ~= 2 minutes worldwide and then you should be able to test/confirm the redirection is occurring.