Cant get recaptcha to work anymore

I set up Cloudflare yesterday for my server and since then i havent been able to get the recaptcha button to appear anymore which i am using for a form on my site. I set up Firewall rules with the recaptcha ips and also added them to the Firewall tools section as whitelisted but sadly that didnt work either.
Anyone know the solution to this?

Are you saying Cloudflare’s CAPTCHA is not working or some embedded reCAPTCHA on your website? If it is the latter, you’d need to take this to a Google forum. What you could try in a Cloudflare context is to disable Rocket Loader.

I implemented recaptcha on my website long before i set up Cloudflare. And it used to work fine until i set up Cloudflare yesterday. Disabling Rocket Loader doesnt work sadly.

Link with the CAPTCHA? below the Create button is where it used to be but i cant get it show up anymore which breaks the form because it requires the recaptcha

Really doesnt seem to be Cloudflare related

Uncaught Error: Missing required parameters: sitekey

I doubt this would work directly either. Have you tried pausing Cloudflare?

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Interesting. It used to work with div class=“g-recaptcha” data-sitekey="<?PHP echo $public; ?>"></div but now after entering the actual key instead of <?PHP echo $public; ?> the Captcha shows up again. Weird that it would work for years and the day i switch the Cloudflare it stops working. Sadly the form still isnt working but im sure ill figure out as to why that is. Thanks for your help!

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