Can't get private network workin

Hi there-

I’m new at this, and I accidentally deleted my last topic. -_-

I’m trying to get local network access set up through my Cloudflare tunnel.

I was able to set up a tunnel to a container running on my NAS. I set up an application to make a subdomain to access this tunnel, and I set up the hostname in my tunnel to

That directs to a homepage where I link to the various services I have running on my NAS, all on various ports of

I added a private network in my tunnel with the CIDR

I set up the home network in my application per the instructions here:

I can still only access the homepage at port 6868. All of the links to the other services at ports of that IP on my homepage time out when I access it remotely.

I’m not super experienced with networking, can anyone provide any assistance?

Oh and in the split networks settings, it was set to exclude mode, and I added I’ve been using ChatGPT to help me try and solve this and that was its suggestion. Don’t know if that helps or not.

Do you know if you’re running on ports supported by Cloudflare,

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