Can't get on the support page

Hi Cloudflare Community,

There is an issue where I can’t go to the support status page.
When I sign in I will be redirected to and after I click on support again, I need to sign in. It is like a loop.

Does anyone have the same problem or idea of how to fix it?

Hi @kantoor,

If you are already signed in to the dashboard, clicking ‘Sign in’ on the support page should work, it does for me. Can you try in an incognito/private window with all extensions disabled, in case it’s something there that’s causing the issue?

If it’s the status page you’re after, you don’t need to sign in, it is publicly viewable at If you need to open a ticket, you can to that from the dashboard or by email.

Hi @domjh,

I did that and it didn’t work. I tried it on another browser and on another laptop, the same results. It happened since I changed the e-mail address. The problem is that I can’t see the ticket that I made.

Can you post reproducible steps of what you tried?

It works for me if I:

Great that you were able to try on another browser and device. You changed the email address on your account? In this case, I believe ticket updates should go to the new address, but you should be able to login and see them, as you expected, too.

This is exactly what I did too, but instead of seeing the “My activities” I’m seeing “Sign In” again.
I think it is a conflict/bug when you change email addresses. Otherwise, they would go to the new address, as you said. Is there a way to tag a moderator?

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Thank you, I just wanted to confirm that we were following the same steps. Yes, I will flag this for a staff member to have a look at.

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Okay, thank you!

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